Associate professor, University of Geneva Switzerland


Jean-Henry Morin is associate professor of Information Systems at University of Geneva. He is member of the Institute of Information Service Science and president of ThinkServices, a Geneva based think(do)tank on Service Science and Innovation where was designed. He was associate professor at Korea University Business School in Seoul until 2008. He is also co-founder in 2001 of PebbleAge, a Geneva based company specialized in corporate performance management solutions.

His research interest and work is in information security with a particular focus on in the enterprise and media sectors. His recent work on in DRM Environments has been transferred to the industry in partnership with Fasoo. This work is part of a research area in socially responsible and sustainable security. He also carries out research in cloud computing, Internet of Things, privacy, data protection and transparency. He recently published a book on Digital Responsibility (Editions Fyp, 2014) where he argues about the value of informed trust and transparency as the basis of an emerging principle of “collaborative compliance” : Co-Compliance. He also participates in the launch of a national debate on the Swiss Digital Agenda :