A crack intro, also known as a cracktro, loader, or just intro, is a small introduction sequence added to cracked software, designed to inform the user of which « cracking crew » or individual cracker was responsible for removing the software’s copy protection and distributing the crack.[1][2] Many people who did the actual cracking did this competitively. They even credited themselves alongside the software publisher’s name in their custom cracktro screens.[3] Warez groups began to add their own intros instead of modifying the existing loading screen. Names of the group’s members would scroll as little animations. Intros became more complicated and sometimes as large as the game itself.[4] It had to look good to impress viewers as well as peers, and sometimes the result was more impressive than the game itself.[5][better source needed] They first appeared on Apple II computer in the late 1970s, early 1980s.[2][6][7] The early text screens are in many ways similar to graffiti, although they invaded the private sphere and not the public space.[8][9] In 1985 the Dutch teams The 1001 Crew, programmers from the city of Alkmaar, and The Judges started adding intro demos, challenging others to match theirs. Dozens of demo crews formed within a year to try and do just that.[10]

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crack_intro

NOOB 2 ELITE : Story of Geek from the floor to the Star of Warez Elite Scene en Français :D

Il n’est pas question de faire l’apologie de certaine pratiques contestables dans l’informatique. Le but de ce talk , est bien au contraire de démontré combien il est facile de rapidement dérapé dans le digital, combien la tentation est grande … La Scène est comme la rue , c’est une école … La Scène est…